The Eagle Eye System for the Agriculture: A Cost-Effective, Open-Air Solution Proven to Reduce Crop Damage

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Products for the Agriculture: 

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EE WD EE 12v FlashFlag


Placement in the field:

Average units per hectare (2.5 Acres)

Agri Placement with measurements

  •  1 Eagle Eye Wind Driven unit / 1 Eagle Eye 12v unit in areas with no wind
  • 16 FlashFlag units

How it works

The Eagle Eye functions by reflecting arcs of sunlight beams over the area to be protected.

Birds are sensitive to bright full spectrum light because its intensity irritates their eyes, and this sensitivity combined with the movement results in the birds not becoming accustomed to the appliance.


To ensure effective functionality for the Eagle Eye it is necessary to:
· place it in the correct area;
· high enough above the harvest;
· place the units in direct sunlight;
· ensure that the reflecting surfaces are being kept clean


It is essential that the units are placed at least 3-4 weeks before the harvest is ripe enough to be attractive as food for the birds.


Satisfied Clients:

Rusty Meyers, owner of Amani Wine Farm outside Stellenbosch,South Africa reports that four units in his Cabernet vineyard have decreased bird damage by 80%.

Agri Reference Amani


Jacques Visser from Onder Swaarmoed Farm near Ceres, South Africa credits a 70% decrease in bird damage to his table-grape crop to the Eagle Eye.

Swaarmoed Boerdery


Strawberry farmers report remarkable results - Lourens van den Berg of Ecoberry farm has seen bird damage drop by 90%.


Dr Francois Koekemoer of Monsanto SA confirms it works against queleas – trials show 30% less damage.

Agri Reference Monsanto

An electric motor run on by a photovoltaic panel or battery rotates the units' reflector system. A 12-volt battery in the field will last up to two months without recharging.

The FlashFlag and Eagle Eye Wind Driven units do not need any electrical source.

Click on this link for even more references from our South African website



 Contact us for any product information or placement advice:

Eagle Eye USA, LLC                                            Bird Barrier America, Inc.

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Tel: 201 970 7204                                                 Tel: 310 527 8000


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