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Wednesday, 01 July 2015 23:38

*New Gold & Silver Eagle Eye for Starlings*

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Eagle Eye Gold and SilverStarling

New Eagle Eye for Starlings
For the last 10 years, Eagle Eye has not left a single stone unturned in our quest to find a solution for the ever-growing Starling problem.
After intensive testing we are excited to confirm that we found the correct combination of colour spectrums to successfully deter them from your problem-areas!

The Secret
We found that Starlings are best deterred by a combination of Silver and Golden Eagle Eye units.
This realization gave birth to the newest weapon in our arsenal:
The Silver and Gold Eagle Eye unit

This unit has 2 sides that are silver like the standard land-bird unit, and another 2 sides that reflect a golden spectrum.

Various options
We have 3 options available:

1) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Mains Kit

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver Mains Kit


2) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Solar Kit

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver Solar Kit

3) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Wind Driven Kit for starlings in breezy areas

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver WD Kit


Placement Guidelines:
· Place the Eagle Eye as high as possible.
· Combine Eagle Eye installations with FlashFlag units.
· Concentrate the units around the problem areas, but do not forget about the unaffected sides 
for approaching birds.
· Wind driven Eagle Eye units may be used exclusively in areas with a regular breeze.
· Use maximum sunlight
· Consider neighbours for irritation caused by flashing.
· Use with other products in 'High Pressure' situations.
· Expect 60 – 80% reduction.
· Always remove nests and food sources.
• Service the system regularly!


Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:24

Extreme Sound System

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Extreme Shadow

With this exciting new Bird Control sound system we have 100% client satisfaction!!
It is a small, lightweight product but has a huge impact on roosting (sleeping) pigeons.
We have installed this product at many sites where pigeons roost and found that more than 90% of the pigeons have relocated within 2-3 weeks!

The nice thing about this product is the fact that it's inaudible and has no impact on people at all.
It can therefore be used inside shopping centersfactoriesrestaurants and places where people work or gather!
Please note that the Extreme Sound System is specially designed to relocate roosting pigeons and does not work for other bird species!!
The range of the sound system is: 15m x 10m (50 ft. x 33 ft.)
Power supply: Input: 100-240v Output: 9 volt (Transformer)

Extreme image to show range distance            Extreme image to show range with obstacle


Effective on roosting Pigeons and Bats! 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:54

Eagle Eye 12V

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Silver Gold EE 12v small  EE red 12v small 
The Eagle Eye™ is an effective bird deterrent device that harmlessly relocates birds. Birds are irritated by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating Eagle Eye™ unit.

The system has been extensively tested and used at hundreds of locations internationally.

Facilities and situations include resorts, food production facilities, waste treatment plants, correctional facilities, hospitals, libraries, government buildings, tourist facilities, golf courses, bowling greens, and horticultural crops to name but a few.

Many success stories have been included on this site to give access to information on this exciting product range.

The Eagle Eye™ is complementary to the full range of products and techniques used by bird control experts to relocate birds from infested areas.

Correct placing and Installation is relatively easy. The Eagle Eye™ optical device has proven to be effective for the control and management of birds in a variety of applications.

These units can be powered by either an electrical power supply or by a solar panel.


Various Options: (All Kits sold with all necessary piping,brackets,wires and power supplies)

This kit is for land bird infestation and connected
to an electrical power outlet.
Silver Gold mains kit
This kit is for land bird infestation and connected
to a solar panel.
Silver Gold solar kit
This kit is for seabird infestation and connected
to an electrical power outlet.
Red mains kit
This kit is for seabird infestation and powered
by a solar panel.
Red solar kit


90 Degree angled mounting brackets are available for installations on roof peaks or on vertical corners.

Please let us know when placing your order if you would prefer one to the flat mounting bracket

FlashFlag corner bracket


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:51

Eagle Eye Wind-Driven

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EE SG WD small  EE Red WD small 

Our Wind-Driven Eagle Eye units now boasts a double bearing system with reinforced housing to ensure optimal sensitivity and strength.

These units are designed to be powered by the wind. No electricity needed.

The wind-driven unit may now be used on buildings as well.

This should not be used in areas that are renowned for high winds, as well as areas with no wind at all.

The wind-driven Eagle Eye should be used in conjunction with motorized units for best results.


Various kits available:

 1) Red Wind Driven Kit for seabirds.

Red WD kit

  2) Silver & Gold Wind Driven Kit for land birds.

Silver Gold wind driven kit


90 Degree angled mounting brackets are available for installations on roof peaks or on vertical corners.

Please let us know when placing your order if you would prefer one to the flat mounting bracket.

FlashFlag corner bracket


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:48

Pro-Peller unit

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Eagle Eye Bird Control is proud to introduce the “Pro-Peller” reflective bird deterring unit.

The Pro-Peller was designed to provide a durable, yet cost effective, reflective unit used to complement the Eagle Eye system.

The unit rotates by means of it’s double bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes.

The unit is totally wind-driven and no electricity is needed. This ensures a low cost, low maintenance and easy to install open-area bird deterring device.

The wings are made out of abs plastic and the mounting bracket is a strong glass filled nylon. 
This ensures longevity of the unit and it can be used in coastal areas without the risk of corrosion.

The Pro-Peller unit carries a 2-year guarantee. 

The Pro-Peller unit comes in two colour variants:

 1) Silver and Gold for land birds


 2) Red for marine birds

PPred small


One Pro-Peller unit has an effective radius of 15m (50ft).
Place one unit every 30m (100ft) in large open areas.
Always place the units in direct sunlight and in areas with a light breeze.

The Pro-Peller unit is intended to be used in conjunction with the Eagle Eye system.
Place the Eagle Eye units on the highest points of the building and near the problem areas. Then place one Pro-Peller every 30m (100ft) between the Eagle Eye units.

Installation instructions:
1) Insert the aluminium pipe into the mounting bracket.
2) Then insert the top of the aluminium pipe into the bearing housing.
3) Insert self-drilling screws into the mounting bracket as well as the bearing housing to 
    keep the aluminium pipe in place.
4) Use the four supplied screws to fasten the Pro-Peller unit to a concrete surface or use four pop rivets (4.8mmx10mm) on metal surfaces (not supplied).


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 10:44

Nightmare Sound System

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Nightmare Sound System

A sound system for the control of roosting (sleeping) pigeons only.

Birds are sensitive to the sound made by the system and will choose to relocate to other areas. The time period required for relocation varies from 1 week to 1 month from installation, depending on the stubbornness of the birds and the sound setting chosen. After installation one should expect to see the birds leaving the area and then returning after a few days in the hope that the sound will stop. They may try to stick it out for a few more days but then slowly start to leave the area permanently. After a period of 1 month, up to 80% of the birds will be gone.

A combination of high frequency sound is used to irritate the birds.

A choice between five levels of sound is available and is controlled by a switch: 
 Low – This sound setting cannot be heard by most human beings but will take longer to deter the birds. This setting is only recommended to be used after the birds have been relocated and to stop them from re-entering the area of infestation.
Medium – This setting may be heard by people with sensitive hearing abilities. This setting is recommended to be used after the birds have been relocated and to stop them from re-entering the area of infestation.
Very effective to remove sparrows.
High 1– Young people will be able to hear this sound if they are close to it. Very effective to repel pigeons and smaller bird types like Starlings and Sparrows.
High 2 – This setting varies in frequency and does not have a pattern that the birds can get used to. Ideal to use for roosting and nesting pigeons and sparrows. Can be used with a timer to only switch on during night times when the birds come in to roost.
Young people will be able to hear this sound if they are close to it.
Audible – This setting will deter most bird types and also a wide range of wild animals. This sound is ideal to use in applications where people are not present such as in warehouses, hangers, inside ceilings etc. This sound can also be used outdoors.
 The ideal application will be to use a time switch to switch the system off during times when people are around. This is very effective to relocate roosting and perching pigeons, sparrows, starlings and most bird types.

The maximum range is 15-20 meters, but in a noisy environment the maximum range may be reduced. The Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller is ideal to use on balconies and inside warehouses and buildings where pigeons roost and nest.

 To prevent the birds from getting used to the sound, the sound frequency automatically changes.

As nesting birds will not leave the area, make sure that all nests with eggs and chicks are removed before the installation takes place.
The Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller is ideal to use in combination with the Eagle Eye bird chaser. 

Nightmare Sound System 4-speaker range



Youtube Video: Nightmare High 1 and 2 sound settings