Myna Myna



 "The Common Myna or Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) also sometimes spelled Mynah, is a member of the starling  family.

It forages on the ground among grass for insects, and especially for grasshoppers, from which it gets the generic name Acridotheres, "grasshopper hunter". It also feeds on insects and fruits and discarded waste from human habitation.

The IUCN declared this myna as one of the only three birds among the World's 100 worst invasive species.(Other two invasive birds being Red-vented bulbul and European Starling).

The Common Myna is a pest in South Africa, North America, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and many Pacific islands. It is particularly problematic in Australia."


This abundant passerine is typically found in open woodland, cultivation and around habitation.

The Common Myna (along with European Starlings, House Sparrows, and feral Rock Doves) is a nuisance to city buildings; its nests block gutters and drainpipes, causing water damage to building exteriors.

It feeds on insects and fruits and discarded waste from human habitation.

Breeding:  They are believed to mate for life. They breed through much of the year depending on the location, building their nest in a hole in a tree or wall. The normal clutch is 4–6 eggs.

 Threat to crops and pasture.

The Common Myna (which feeds mostly on ground-dwelling insects, tropical fruits such as grapes plums and some berries and, in urban areas, discarded human food) poses a serious threat to crops.


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