Redwinged Starling

Redwinged Starling Redwinged Starling



The Redwinged Starling is wide spread and will be found on mountains, cliffs and buildings.

They forage on the ground, hopping (in stead of walking) on relative short legs.

The Redwind Starling is a strong aggressive bird that tends to move around in flocks.

They fly fast and straight and often dive at humans or carnivores as an aggressive approach to defend nests.

  • Mountains, cliffs, gorges, rocky hills, buildings (rural and urban);
  • It generally prefers rocky outcrops and gorges in highland grasslands;
  • Also coastal bush;
  • In recent times it has flourished in urban areas, roosting and nesting in buildings in areas with high ledges.
  • The nest consists of a large flat platform built of sticks, grass and rootlets secured together with mud. The interior is usually lined with grass or other fine material, such as horse or even human hair, plucked from peoples' heads. It is typically placed on a rock or building ledge, on beam or at the base of a palm frond; it has also been recorded to use a wrecked fishing trawler 200m offshore and a broadcasting tower.
  • It lays 1-5 eggs, which are incubated mainly by the female for about 13-14 days, while the male feeds her at the nest.
  • Uric acids in feces are highly corrosive: Feces cause damage to waterproofing of roofs causing leaks; feces damage paint work of automobiles with regular/long contact; feces also damage air conditioning units and solar panels.
  • May cause a health risk when HACP standards are not met by food processing companies as a result of birds entering factories and warehouses: bird droppings damage and infest raw materials, products in process and finished goods.
  • Nests near electrical points/lines or in chimneys are a great fire hazard.
  • Bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites in droppings may be a health risk.
  • Birds feeding off crops, especially various seeds and any crop with a high brix (sugar content) cause losses for farmers/companies.
  • When starlings move in flocks the buildup of their feces has a great impact on buildings and trees.

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