*New Gold & Silver Eagle Eye for Starlings*

Eagle Eye Gold and SilverStarling

New Eagle Eye for Starlings
For the last 10 years, Eagle Eye has not left a single stone unturned in our quest to find a solution for the ever-growing Starling problem.
After intensive testing we are excited to confirm that we found the correct combination of colour spectrums to successfully deter them from your problem-areas!

The Secret
We found that Starlings are best deterred by a combination of Silver and Golden Eagle Eye units.
This realization gave birth to the newest weapon in our arsenal:
The Silver and Gold Eagle Eye unit

This unit has 2 sides that are silver like the standard land-bird unit, and another 2 sides that reflect a golden spectrum.

Various options
We have 3 options available:

1) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Mains Kit

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver Mains Kit


2) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Solar Kit

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver Solar Kit

3) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Wind Driven Kit for starlings in breezy areas

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver WD Kit


Placement Guidelines:
· Place the Eagle Eye as high as possible.
· Combine Eagle Eye installations with FlashFlag units.
· Concentrate the units around the problem areas, but do not forget about the unaffected sides 
for approaching birds.
· Wind driven Eagle Eye units may be used exclusively in areas with a regular breeze.
· Use maximum sunlight
· Consider neighbours for irritation caused by flashing.
· Use with other products in 'High Pressure' situations.
· Expect 60 – 80% reduction.
· Always remove nests and food sources.
• Service the system regularly!


Additional Info

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