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John Kotze

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Eagle Eye Placement Tutorial Video

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Eagle Eye Solar Kit Installation Tutorial

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*New Gold & Silver Eagle Eye for Starlings*

Eagle Eye Gold and SilverStarling

New Eagle Eye for Starlings
For the last 10 years, Eagle Eye has not left a single stone unturned in our quest to find a solution for the ever-growing Starling problem.
After intensive testing we are excited to confirm that we found the correct combination of colour spectrums to successfully deter them from your problem-areas!

The Secret
We found that Starlings are best deterred by a combination of Silver and Golden Eagle Eye units.
This realization gave birth to the newest weapon in our arsenal:
The Silver and Gold Eagle Eye unit

This unit has 2 sides that are silver like the standard land-bird unit, and another 2 sides that reflect a golden spectrum.

Various options
We have 3 options available:

1) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Mains Kit

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver Mains Kit


2) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Solar Kit

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver Solar Kit

3) Silver / Gold Eagle Eye Wind Driven Kit for starlings in breezy areas

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver WD Kit


Placement Guidelines:
· Place the Eagle Eye as high as possible.
· Combine Eagle Eye installations with FlashFlag units.
· Concentrate the units around the problem areas, but do not forget about the unaffected sides 
for approaching birds.
· Wind driven Eagle Eye units may be used exclusively in areas with a regular breeze.
· Use maximum sunlight
· Consider neighbours for irritation caused by flashing.
· Use with other products in 'High Pressure' situations.
· Expect 60 – 80% reduction.
· Always remove nests and food sources.
• Service the system regularly!


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Products for the Agriculture: 

(Click on image for more information)

EE WD EE 12v FlashFlag


Placement in the field:

Average units per hectare (2.5 Acres)

Agri Placement with measurements

  •  1 Eagle Eye Wind Driven unit / 1 Eagle Eye 12v unit in areas with no wind
  • 16 FlashFlag units

How it works

The Eagle Eye functions by reflecting arcs of sunlight beams over the area to be protected.

Birds are sensitive to bright full spectrum light because its intensity irritates their eyes, and this sensitivity combined with the movement results in the birds not becoming accustomed to the appliance.


To ensure effective functionality for the Eagle Eye it is necessary to:
· place it in the correct area;
· high enough above the harvest;
· place the units in direct sunlight;
· ensure that the reflecting surfaces are being kept clean


It is essential that the units are placed at least 3-4 weeks before the harvest is ripe enough to be attractive as food for the birds.


Satisfied Clients:

Rusty Meyers, owner of Amani Wine Farm outside Stellenbosch,South Africa reports that four units in his Cabernet vineyard have decreased bird damage by 80%.

Agri Reference Amani


Jacques Visser from Onder Swaarmoed Farm near Ceres, South Africa credits a 70% decrease in bird damage to his table-grape crop to the Eagle Eye.

Swaarmoed Boerdery


Strawberry farmers report remarkable results - Lourens van den Berg of Ecoberry farm has seen bird damage drop by 90%.


Dr Francois Koekemoer of Monsanto SA confirms it works against queleas – trials show 30% less damage.

Agri Reference Monsanto

An electric motor run on by a photovoltaic panel or battery rotates the units' reflector system. A 12-volt battery in the field will last up to two months without recharging.

The FlashFlag and Eagle Eye Wind Driven units do not need any electrical source.

Click on this link for even more references from our South African website



 Contact us for any product information or placement advice:

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USA and Canada distributor information


Bird Barrier USA:


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Tel: 800-503-5444

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New Jersey:

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Extreme Sound System

Extreme Shadow

With this exciting new Bird Control sound system we have 100% client satisfaction!!
It is a small, lightweight product but has a huge impact on roosting (sleeping) pigeons.
We have installed this product at many sites where pigeons roost and found that more than 90% of the pigeons have relocated within 2-3 weeks!

The nice thing about this product is the fact that it's inaudible and has no impact on people at all.
It can therefore be used inside shopping centersfactoriesrestaurants and places where people work or gather!
Please note that the Extreme Sound System is specially designed to relocate roosting pigeons and does not work for other bird species!!
The range of the sound system is: 15m x 10m (50 ft. x 33 ft.)
Power supply: Input: 100-240v Output: 9 volt (Transformer)

Extreme image to show range distance            Extreme image to show range with obstacle


Effective on roosting Pigeons and Bats!